Our areas of expertise are language, culture and communication; areas that are becoming increasingly important in today's world. We contribute to society through our students who go into qualified occupations in various sectors, through our researcher's contribution to the development of knowledge, but also by small and large collaborative projects in education and research.

Customized education

We can design courses, education days or seminars for different groups of staff within corporations or public administration. Contact Irene Sedlacek to discuss your needs.

We can also organize internal educations for departments at Umeå University, for example in English for teachers or in Swedish for international students, graduate students and visiting scholars.

Degree Projects

Smaller research studies can be performed by our students at undergraduate or graduate levels. Contact Susanne Haugen if you want help from a student in your business or organization.

Research in collaboration

If you are interested in collaborating with our researchers on larger or smaller projects, contact Kirk Sullivan.

School Collaboration

The Department of Language Studies has established partnerships with schools in the Umeå area, with activities including high school students visiting lectures on campus, researchers conduction lectures and information sessions in the schools, joint collaboration in school development projects, and professional development for teachers. For more information on school collaboration, please contact Susanne Haugen.

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