About the Department

The Department of Language Studies belongs to the Faculty of Arts at Umeå University. The Department is also part of Umeå School of Education.

The department is located in the Humanities Building. Here you can find our researchers, teachers and administrative staff.

For information about the department, please contact:

Head of Department:
Daniel Andersson

Deputy Head of Department, Director of Research:
Marlene Johansson Falck

Directors of Study (1st & 2nd cycles):
Jonas Carlquist
Karyn Sandström

Director of 3rd Cycle Studies:
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth

Administrative coordinator:
Christina Karlberg

Coordinator, Teacher Training:
Ingela Valfridsson

International Coordinators
Florence Sisask

Student Counsellor
Susanne Haugen

Page Editor: Magnus Nordström

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Contact Information

Department of Language Studies
Umeå university
SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden 

Tel:  46 90-786 50 00

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